Singer ce150


  • 24 built-in stitches
  • One-touch pattern selection
  • Large (4 1/2” X 6 3/4”) and small (3 1/8” X 4 3/4”) hoop
  • Transmit designs directly to the machine via USB cable
  • Three StayBright LED Lights™ for illumination
  • Programmable needle up/needle down
  • Two styles of one-step buttonholes with exclusive underplate system
  • Drop feed
  • Windows 2000, ME & XP & Vista compatible (PC not included)
  • Included Accessories: Zipper Foot Special Purpose Foot Buttonhole Foot Button Sewing Foot Blindstitch Hem Foot General Purpose Foot Foot Control Instruction Book Warranty Card
Singer ce150

Singer ce150
New Low Price! Futura Embroidery Machine

Price: $529.99

(You can always remove it later.)

Automatic Needle Threader
Effortless threading of the machine, including automatic threading of the eye of the needle!

Automatic Tension
This system ensures stable stitch quality, whatever the type of fabric being used.

Top Loading Jam-Proof Bobbin System with Clear Cover
This mechanism incorporates a magnet-type vertical axis rotating hook that ensures smooth, quiet, jam-proof sewing. The bobbin loads from the top so it is easy to insert the bobbin. The clear cover makes it effortless to monitor the bobbin thread supply.

Optimum Power Control
The Optimum Power Control provides precise piercing power when sewing multiple layers or dense fabric. The piercing power is the same regardless of sewing speed.

Drop Feed
A conveniently located lever will lower the feed dogs for free-motion embroidery, machine embroidery, monograms and attaching buttons.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter
There are two heights to the presser foot lifter. The second height offers a ¼” more clearance which is needed when placing multiple layers or bulky fabrics under the presser foot.

Accommodates Many Types of Thread Spools
In addition to the machine’s horizontal thread delivery, a second vertical spool holder is provided, specially designed for many of today’s threads.

Because the machine is permanently lubricated, there is no need to oil the machine, and no oil gets on fabric.

Warning Signals
Audible warning messages alert the sewer, ensuring trouble-free sewing.

Aluminum Frame
The internal skeleton of the sewing machine. This rigid support holds all the mechanisms in perfect alignment for perfect, skip-free sewing.

Futura has a 25 year limited warranty, including 5 years on electronic components and 1 year on adjustments.

Consumer's Choice
More sewers own SINGER® sewing machines than all other brands combined.* (*Source: Market Facts, March 2002)

24 Built-In Stitches
A large variety of stitches for construction, decorative sewing, heirloom sewing and quilting always ensures the perfect stitch for every project.

Built-In Stretch Stitches
Specially designed stitches that add strength and flexibility to seams, especially useful when sewing on knitwear.

Basting Capability
Quickly piece projects together.

Built-In Quilting Stitch
Create a hand-sewn quilted look with this unique stitch.

Twin Needle Function
Automatically reduces stitch width on decorative patterns to prevent needle breakage when sewing with a twin needle.

Built-In Heirloom-Friendly Stitch Selection
Pin Stitch, Blanket Stitch, and Entredeux are a few of the popular heirloom stitches available.

7mm Stitch Width
Most stitches can be set for a maximum width of 7mm. When sewing decorative stitches or satin stitches, the wide stitches are bolder and more pronounced.

One-Step Built-In Buttonholes
Choose from 2 different one-step buttonholes. Buttonhole sewing is a one-step simple process that provides reliable results because the sides of the buttonhole sew the same direction to prevent gaps in stitching or fabric distortion.

Optimal Stitch Settings
Optimal settings for length and width are automatically set when choosing a stitch. They can be overridden to personalize length and width choice.

Needle Up and Down
The Needle Up/Down allows for the needle to be placed in either the raised or lowered position with a simple push of a button. It is great for appliquéing, quilting, pivoting the fabric and picking the bobbin thread up.

13 Needle Positions
Needle position can be changed for individual projects, such as inserting zippers or cording and topstitching.