Sailrite 604U


  • Kit includes a cogged balance wheel (nickel chromate plated, mild steel), timing belt, plastic handcrank handle and bolt, set screws for locking onto the machine's shaft, and 2 allen wrenches
  • Installation is easy
  • Instructions are included in the Ultrafeed Guidebook
Sailrite 604U

Sailrite 604U
Monster II Sailrite Balance Wheel

Price: $129.00

(You can always remove it later.)

We highly recommend this upgrade for an Ultrafeed machine for two reasons:

1. The large diameter of the wheel enhances slow speed power in electric mode. A real plus for sailmaking and canvas work!

2. It allows for handcranking when electricity is not available. Simply attach the plastic handcrank handle to the wheel with the allen wrench. The extra weight of this wheel and, therefore, inertia make handcranking effortless even in heavy fabrics.