Sailrite LSZ-1-B


Sailrite LSZ-1-B

Sailrite LSZ-1-B
Ultrafeed Base Sewing Machine- FREE SHIPPING!!

Price: $810.00

(You can always remove it later.)

This well built, all metal, straight & zigzag sewing machine features a powered walking foot for the ultimate in feeding ability. On most sewing machines the presser foot simply holds the fabric down and all movement is accomplished with a single, bottom feed dog. The Ultrafeed™ LSZ-1 uses a mechanical “Walking” presser foot that moves forward and back in time with the feed dog to ensure that the layers of fabric are consistently moving together through the machine.

This walking foot is unusually wide (19mm). This is important in that it creates a larger, more positive contact between the walking foot, the feed dog and the fabric itself. Feed heavy, slippery, sticky fabrics with ease. Walk over thick hems, make the transition from thick to thin without skipping stitches. Produce consistent stitch lengths. A variable stitch length mechanism allows for very long straight stitches—up to 6mm. This reduces needle pucker for professional quality upholstery and canvas work. Zigzag stitches can be made up to 5mm wide and can be spaced tightly enough to bind edges (on a carpet for example).

In straight stitch mode a needle positioning lever allows for movement of the needle left, right and center (most zippers and boltropes can be installed without changing the presser foot). A welting tunnel in the presser foot simplifies and makes piping installation more accurate. And, because the machine feeds so well, back stitching for long distances is possible with the lever activated reverse.

The PowerPlus balance wheel with the new Posi-Pin clutch system has been added for more slow speed power and control. The all new Posi-Pin clutch system is Sailrite’s solution to a slipping clutch. Drive is engaged and disengaged by positioning a specially designed pin through holes in the balance wheel and wheel bushing. The Posi-Pin clutch is easy to use and results in 100% power transfer from the balance wheel to the machine’s needle. The disengaged mode of the Posi-Pin allows for easy and quick bobbin winding.

Also included with the LSZ-1 Base package is the PowerPlus balance wheel. The PowerPlus wheel is a molded plastic duplicate of Sailrite’s best wheel, the Monster II balance wheel. The PowerPlus greatly increases slow speed power and control. The PowerPlus wheel is twice the diameter of the standard wheel (which comes with the Ultrafeed Classic models) and the resulting gear change is the primary reason for the power increase.

Excellent power is provided by a 110 VAC motor that develops 6600 rpm at 1.5 amps. A cogged belt and pulley jack drive system slows the machine, increases its power and eliminates slippage. A carbon pile foot control provides for variable speed operation with a GFCI plug to ensure safer operation in wet environments.

At 44 lbs. the Ultrafeed LSZ-1 has the bulk to stay put when handling heavy fabric assemblies. And, because the walking foot is designed with a high lift, it better accommodates thick assemblies. Straight stitch as many as 10 layers of a heavy cover material with beautifully consistent stitch lengths. Zigzag as many as 8 layers of tightly woven, hard to penetrate 8 oz. Dacron© sailcloth.

Make sails, cushions, covers. Install zippers, plastic windows, boltropes. Fix a tent, do auto upholstery. Make clothing, shorten jeans. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 does it all! And our well illustrated guidebook and an instructional video enable even beginning sewers to quickly get to work and experience the satisfaction and savings of doing-it-yourself.