Sailrite Sailmaker



Shuttle:  Full rotary / gear driven
Weight:  70 lbs
Power:  1/10th hp, 110 volt, AC motor, 1.5 amp
Case Composition:  Vinyl covered plywood
Case Dimensions:  24" wide x 14" high x 11" deep
Maximum sewing speed per min:  800 stitches (portable motor driven), 2,000 stitches (in optional power stand)
Max. zigzag stitch width:  12mm
Max. straight stitch length:  5mm
Needle bar stroke:  35mm
Bed size:  15.7" x 7"
Underarm space:  8.5" x 5.4"
Thread take-up lever:  Link type
Sailrite Sailmaker

Sailrite Sailmaker
Sailmaker- Top of the Line Machine

Price: $1,899.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The Sailmaker is our top of the line machine. It is built on a very finely finished, precisely built industrial sewing machine head by Brother. Sailrite modifies the head to make it portable and very powerful and then places it in a high quality carrying case. Excellent instructions guide you in its usage. This machine is ideal for the cruising or racing yachtsman and for home sewing but it is also excellent for loft use where it can make "boat calls" possible.

Our "Swiss watch quality" machine. Note that it does not have a walking foot. But it does have a large lower feed dog to increase pulling power.