Naomoto HYS-58


  • Complete with water bottle, filter resin - 1lb. Bag, cleaning kit, and iron rest
  • New steam chamber for easy cleaning
  • Liquid type sensor thermostat
  • Urethane grip handle
  • Heat Shield
  • Light touch microswitch
  • Tuffram sole coating
  • One piece chamber & solepate
  • 4.18 lbs.
  • 110V or 220V
  • 900W
Naomoto HYS-58

Naomoto HYS-58
Gravity Feed Iron

Price: $465.00

(You can always remove it later.)

50years ago, for the first time in the world, Naomoto changed the common concept that industrial hand irons were heavy by developing high-performance industrial hand irons which were lightweight and easy-to-use for customers.

Since then, Naomoto has continued to market epoch-making products to lead the world. Through half a century, the Naomoto brand has become a global standard for professionals because we have constantly sought to provide well engineered and easy-to-use products by a combination of unique technology and imagination beyond conventional concepts.

Naomoto has developed products which have proven reliable to satisfy customers all over the world.

In the 21st Century, our challenge is to make Naomoto of the future exceed Naomoto of the present.