Naomoto NP-180


  • Automatic leg seam-opening machine
  • System requires no hand ironing for seam opening
  • Pressing time, pre-steam, steam and vacuum are programmed individually by computer system
  • Adjustment for head and buck to avoid impressions and prevent shine
  • Vertical head to ensure even pressure
  • Tensioning device accosts seam opening and prevents seam folding
  • Vacuum adjustment
  • Turning device to turn pant
  • Voltage & Phase: 220V 1-Ph.
  • Electric Capacity; Form Heater: 1.8 kW; Fan Moter: 750W; Other Motor: 0.024kW
  • Press Buck: P-2900
  • Working Steam Pressure: 2.5 kgs/cm
  • Working Air Pressure: 5kgs/cm
Naomoto NP-180

Naomoto NP-180
Pressing, steaming, Baking and Vacuum

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Computer controlled autoprocessing. Pressing, steaming, baking and vacuum are all processes which are fully automated by programming work conditions. Thus it makes pressing work simpler and easier.