Electrical:  3/220V
Heated pressing surface:  Standard
Functions:  Vacuum and blowing (adjustable)
Power consumption:  7 Amps
Pressing dimensions:  43 x 13.8 (110 mm x 35 mm)
Weight:  105 kg
Iron rest:  Standard
Swing arm:  #400 Series double arm standard
Bucks:  #100728H (28 Sleeve) #100828H (35 Sleeve)
Buck heating:  Standard

Utility Vacuum Up Air Pressing Table

Price: $4,399.00

(You can always remove it later.)

For those needing the ultimate quality when finishing garments, we present our 424HAB utility vacuum and up air pressing table.

With the 424HAB, you have the choice of tools to achieve the results you are looking for. Vacuum for when you need to press a pleat, a hem or a crease, and upair for difficult fabrics such as velvet, corduroy, or other napped fabrics.

Like others in our professional vacuum table series, the 424HAB has a powerful 3/4 h.p. responsive start and stop motor assembly (if it isn't fast start and fast stop, the presser will be waiting for the motor... not a good way to increase production).

Other standard features include a heavy duty swing arm (the bucks are sold separately), adjustable height for the operator, silicone pad and nylon cover, and of course, Reliable's trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment.

The end result is the ultimate utility pressing table, the 424HAB.