Industrial Sewing Machines and Sergers

Complete list of Industrial Buttonhole Machines

Singer 1371A1 Singer 1371A1 Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine
Call For Price:
Call For Price:
Singer 1371A3 Singer 1371A3 Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine
Price: $1,266.00
Artisan ZJ-W122-356 Artisan ZJ-W122-356 High Speed Flat Bed Three Needle Coverstitch
Price: $1,850.00
Singer 1371A2 Singer 1371A2 Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine
Price: $2,450.00
Siruba BH780JA Siruba BH780JA Lock Stitch Square
Price: $2,650.00
Juki LBH-783N Juki LBH-783N 1-needle, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine
Price: $3,900.00
Artisan BH-780 Artisan BH-780 High Speed Buttonhole Machine
Price: $3,950.00
Juki MBH-180 Juki MBH-180 Industrial Sewing- High-Speed Buttonhole Machine
Price: $4,450.00
Artisan BH-784 Artisan BH-784 High Speed Buttonhole Machine
Price: $4,500.00
Artisan BH-790 Artisan BH-790 High Speed Cylinder Bed Buttonhole Machine
Price: $4,950.00
SunStar SPS/D-BH3000G SunStar SPS/D-BH3000G Electronic Button Hole Machine
Price: $4,985.00
SunStar SPS/D-BH3000K SunStar SPS/D-BH3000K Electronic Button Hole Machine
Price: $5,100.00
SunStar SPS/E-BH3100G SunStar SPS/E-BH3100G Electronic Button Hole Machine
Price: $6,180.00
SunStar SPS/E-BH3100K SunStar SPS/E-BH3100K Electronic Button Hole Machine
Price: $6,410.00
Brother HE-800A Brother HE-800A Electronic Lockstitch Buttonholer
Price: $6,600.00
Zoje ZJ5821 Zoje ZJ5821 Electronic Key Hole Button Sewing Machine
Price: $8,105.00
SunStar SPS/D-BH6000-01 SunStar SPS/D-BH6000-01 Electronic Button Hole Machine
Price: $9,649.00
Juki LBH-1790A Juki LBH-1790A Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine
Price: $9,980.00
SunStar SPS/D-BH6000-02 SunStar SPS/D-BH6000-02 Electronic Eylet Button Hole Machine
Price: $9,980.00
SunStar SPS/E-BH6100-01 SunStar SPS/E-BH6100-01 Electronic Eylet Button Hole Machine
Price: $13,459.00
Juki MEB-3810 ( J &C) Juki MEB-3810 ( J &C) Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Machine
Price: $13,600.00
SunStar SPS/E-BH6100-02 SunStar SPS/E-BH6100-02 Electronic Eylet Button Hole Machine
Price: $13,678.00