Juki LBH-1790A


  • Sewing speed Max. 4,200sti/min, Normal 3,600sti/min When the non-lubricated hook (optional) is used: 3,300sti/min
  • Size of cloth cutting knife 6.4~31.8mm(1/4"~1-1/4")
  • Bartacking width Max. 5.0mm (with special-specification part: Max. 10mm*)
  • Buttonhole length Max. 41mm (optional: 70mm, 120mm)
  • Lift of the work clamp 14mm (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle-up function is used)
  • Number of standard patterns 31 patterns
  • Number of patterns that can be input Max. 99 patterns
  • Machine head drive system Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
  • Needle (at the time of delivery) DP×5(#11J)#11J~#14J
Juki LBH-1790A

Juki LBH-1790A
Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine

Price: $9,980.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The LBH-1790A Series follows the world's highest sewing speed and dry-head mechanism of its predecessor model. In addition, this machine comes with the latest model operation panel which is installed with a USB port. Furthermore, all drive mechanisms have been digitalized to manage each sewing pattern individually.

LBH-1795A(120mm presser type)
The knife supports sewing lengths of 41mm at the maximum. Since the LBH-1795AS is provided as standard with the 120mm presser, it is capable of sewing 120mm long buttonholes. The LBH-1795AS is capable of sewing long buttonholes such as belt holes in car seats. In addition, it is applicable to the sewing of buttonholes in men's shirts (continuous sewing of two buttonholes and the use of two units of sewing machines), etc.

LBH-1796A(220mm presser type)
The LBH-1796A is a subclass model of the LBH-1790A Series. This product is provided with a 220mm work clamp foot. It follows the world's highest sewing speed, deeply recessed shape of the machine head and dry-head mechanism of the existing LBH-1790A. In addition, the LBH-1796A can also be used as a simplified indexer to sew three buttonholes in a row.