Juki MEB-3810 ( J &C)


  • Application MEB-3810J Jeans , MEB-3810C - Cotton pants and working wear
  • Stitching shape patterns Buttonhole without a bartack,Buttonhole with a round bartack,Buttonhole with a straight bartack,Buttonhole with a taper bar
  • The machine is provided as standard with 10 different stitching shape patterns of eyelet buttonhole. As many as 89 different patterns can be stored in memory and selected.
  • Stitch system 1-needle, double chainstitch(with gimp)
  • Sewing speed 400~2,500sti/min
  • Sewing length 10~38mm(Needle thread trimming type) 10~34mm(Overall thread trimming type)
  • Needle throwing width Mechanical adjustment of the needle throwing width:2.0~4.0mm Compensation of the needle throwing width (by the lower feed dog):1.5~5.0mm
  • Taper bar length 3~15mm
  • Needle D0558 Nm90~Nm120 (Nm110)
Juki MEB-3810 ( J &C)

Juki MEB-3810 ( J &C)
Computer-controlled, Eyelet Buttonholing Machine

Price: $13,600.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The machine achieves not only a maximum sewing speed as high as 2,500 sti/min,
but also reduced vibration and noise. The machine is a newly developed
highly-durable simple-design eyelet buttonholing machine for jeans/cotton pants.