Juki ACF-164-1800


  • Adoption of a no lubricated machine head eliminates oil stains on sewing products. No oiling is required
  • Thanks to its computer-controlled feed, the machine now offers 39 different sewing patterns as standard. The machine responds to many different sewing specifications with greater ease end flexibility
  • Since the machine does not have a stop-motion mechanism, it requires no maintenance and offers a quiet work environment
  • The machine is provided as standard with a sewing thread tension change-over type "thread-fray-prevention function" to improve seam quality
  • The stepping motor controls the material feed in increments of 0.1mm to ensure accurate button sewing at all times
  • One to 20 buttons can be sewn on every garment. Twenty patterns can be stored in memory
  • The machine is equipped as standard with a stacker that can accurately stack a great many garments
  • The machine can sew buttons on ladies' wear by changing the operation mode. In addition, with the use of optional attachments, it can also sew buttons on finished garments and long-sized garment
  • The machine incorporates a high-speed machine head that offers a maximum sewing speed of 1,800rpm and a button feeder with higher button-supplying capacity for increased productivity
  • Various options are available to further improve workability
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki ACF-164-1800

Juki ACF-164-1800
Single-thread Chainstitch, Button Sewing Indexer

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High-speed, Computer-controlled, Dry-head, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button Sewing Indexer

ACF-164-1800 is equipped with a dry-head machine head that sews buttons
cleanly with no oil stains. The machine responds to many differnt sewing specifications,
demonstrating higher flexibility than previous models. Provided as standard with
"thread-fray-prevention function" that guarantees improved seam quality.