Juki AMS-210E


  • Sewing area: 60mm(L)130mm(W)
  • With its newly designed thread take-up and shuttle hook, the machine reduces irregular stitches and provides consistent thread tension
  • The feeding frame and the intermediate presser have been improved to provide a higher pressure on the material
  • By securely clamping the material, they ensure consistent-quality seams free from uneven material feed
  • The stroke of the intermediate presser can be adjusted steplessly in the range of 0.5 to 10mm
  • This gives the machine the capability to easily handle processes in which multi-layer portions of the material are sewn
  • The lower dead point of the intermediate presser can be easily adjusted to suit the material thickness simply by turning a knob on the controls
  • The machine's improved capabilities include the ability to sew a wider and more flexible range of thread number counts
  • This allows the machine to sew various kinds of heavy-weight materials
  • Highly reliable thread trimming mechanism cuts the thread without fail
  • High-sped performance of 2,500rpm (When the stitch length is set to 3mm)
  • Both the jump speed and thread-trimming speed have been increased to reduce the cycle time
  • The machine is equipped as standard with a double-capacity shuttle hook
  • This hook is especially useful for performing sewing with thick thread
  • The ample lift of the feeding frame facilitates material-setting on the machine
  • Direct-drive mechanism achieves outstanding responsiveness
  • The function of stopping the needlebar at its upper dead point enable the needlebar to stop at a higher position
  • With this function, a heavy-weight material can be placed on the machine with ease
  • With its hook-driving shaft mechanism and direct-drive mechanism, the machine no longer needs a belt
  • This helps achieve both higher-speed performance and lower vibration and noise
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki AMS-210E

Juki AMS-210E
Computer-controlled Cycle Machine w/Input Function

Price: $11,900.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The design of the AMS-210D has been completely reworked to realize a machine that's "faster, easier to operate, and even better looking than before." The machine provides upgraded functions and performance that go beyond the conventional standard. JUKI proudly presents the AMS-210D a machine guaranteed to satisfy users through its improved productivity, seam quality, and operability.