Juki APW-895N


  • The "direct-drive motor", which transfers the motor power to the machine with no energy loss, not only offers economical benefits due to the power reduction
  • reduces the machine's vibration and operating noise, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue.
  • The machine head is provided with a semi-dry head to eliminate staining with oil from the frame (the needle bar part).
  • The support of long and wide welts is enriched, the machine can sew large-sized pockets such as pockets on coats.


Sewing speed:  Max. 3,000sti/min (1,000~3,000sti/min)
Kind of welts:  Parallel double welt, parallel single welt (with/without flaps)
Stitch length (fastening stitching):  Condensation stitching: Standard 1.0mm (0.5~1.5mm) Back-tack stitching: Standard 2.0mm (0.5~3.0mm) * Changeable between condensation / back-tack stitching
Corner-knife cutting adjusting method:  Mechanical adjustment
Needle gauge:  8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20mm
Needle:  ORGAN DP×17 Standard #16 (#14~#18), SCHMETZ 190R Standard #100 (#100~#110)
Machine head:  2-needle, lockstitch machine (LH-895)
Juki APW-895N

Juki APW-895N
(for straight pockets with flaps)

Price: $22,750.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The machine supports the sewing of straight pockets (with flaps) on suits, jackets and pants. Double-/single-welt sewing can be changed over by the simple touch of a key on the operation panel.