Singer 754U303


  • Flat Bed
  • Three needle, Five thread
  • Top & bottom cover for binding
  • Variable stitch length adjustment at the touch of a finger
  • Compact and long cylinder bed suitable for stitching articles of concave or tubular shape
  • Equipped with needle cooler and needle thread lubricating device which prevent sewing troubles
  • Oil filter which keeps oil supplied to the machine clean
  • Easy threading due to adoption of swing-out type bed slide
  • Cylinder cover can be opened or closed at the touch of finger facilitating ease of adjustment and maintenance
  • Needle guard provided both at front and back prevents needle from swinging
  • Easy adjustment of looper path and front-to-back travel for preventing skipping stitches
  • Fine adjustment of differential feed ratio can be made easily and externally during sewing. It is also possible to fix differential feed ratio
  • Provided with an oil cooling fan which prevents the heat of oil for stable sewing at high speeds
  • Needle Cat. No. 3651-05
  • Stitch Length: Max. 3.6mm
  • Presser foot lift: Max. 7mm
  • 6,000 s.p.m
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Singer 754U303

Singer 754U303
Flat Bed, Three Needle, 5 Thread Machine

Price: $1,613.00

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