Juki ASN-695


  • The machine offers high-speed performance with its maximum sewing speed of 8,000rpm. With this feature, the machine makes the most out of its original capabilities as a serging machine to help dramatically increase productivity
  • The machine is fully equipped with mechanisms developed through a full consideration for seam quality. The machine, therefore, supports any type of material
  • The machine can be adjusted externally according to the material to be sewn
  • A ball control method has been introduced to the cloth control device
  • This device demonstrates advantageous features in the sewing of small parts and sharp curves of the material
  • In addition, the ball control base can be easily removed/installed to offer improved maintainability
  • The cloth guide can be easily adjusted with a simple turn of the dial for heavy-weight materials
  • With the cloth guide, the machine is able to prevent light-weight material from curling up after the completion of sewing, as well as to produce consistent seams free from any slip-off of stitches when sewing curved parts of the material
  • The machine head has been provided with outstanding features
  • Reliability has been further enhanced
  • Table air blower
  • Two different types of stackers which can be chosen according to the application.
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki ASN-695

Juki ASN-695
Automatic Serging Machine (Standard type)

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The ASN Series machine has been provided with the capability of sewing light-weight materials, and a low-tension sewing feature to enable sewing according to the material to be sewn, as well as achieving consistent high-quality seams free from slip-off seams at curved parts of the material.


The ASN-697 is provided as standard with a cloth control device, curl blower, in-curve and out-curve detecting sensor, cloth feed table air blower, as well as other helpful mechanisms. When the machine sews crotches or joins the seat seams of slacks, the in-curve and out-curve detecting sensor detects sharp in-curves and out-curves to automatically control the sewing speed. Automatic shirring is also possible at desired sections of the material by programming sewing data. The machine adopts an air-driven feed mechanism for feeding materials while preventing the material from slipping off the needle entry point.