Merrow 27-FJ


  • Crochet Large Shell
  • With Power Stand


Application:  Medium Shell
Special Features:  Plain Crochet with Either 3,4,6, or 8 Stitch Shells, or 3 and 6 Stitch Shells, or 4 and 8 Stitch Shells
Standard Seam Width:  5/16"-3/8" (7.9mm-9.525mm)
Standard Stitch Eccentric:  2 1/2 Shells per inch
Stitch Eccentric Range:  2-4 Shells per inch
Standard Needle:  6A
Needle Range:  5-10H
Hook, Supplementary Thread Carrier:  1 Latch hook , 1 Supplementary
Number of Threads:  2
Speed:  1200-1500 RPM
Installation:  Non-Submerged
Merrow 27-FJ

Merrow 27-FJ
Industrial Serger- Crochet Shell

Price: $3,475.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Merrow has a proud heritage of industrial innovation and precision engineering in every machine they make. Ease of use, clean operation and refined components reflect more than 160 years of leadership in the textile industry. Renowned for their longevity and reliability, Merrow machines are quiet and easy to maintain. Because Merrow is a single-source manufacturer, the company can assure total quality control and consistent availability.

Merrow Machine Company was the first to automate the process for crochet stitching. The Merrow Crochet Shell machines produce both the original plain crochet stitch and ornamental shell stitches ranging from approximately 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in width. These two-thread machines allow you to vary the color of the second thread to brighten or complement the piece.

The Merrow Crochet Shell machines give you a wide range of stitching options. By changing the feed gears and Feed Raising Cams, each machine can be configured to produce a plain crochet stitch and 3-, 4-, 6- or 8-stitch shells. Another option is to set up the machines to produce 3- and 6-stitch shells or 4- and 8-stitch shells.