Merrow 72-D3BR


  • Butted Seam Overedge Machine
  • With Power Stand


Application:  Loose Woven, Low Count Material
Special Features:  Extended Feed and Cutters and Rolls Cloth into the Stitch
Seam Type:  501
Standard Seam Width:  5/8" (16mm) 1-1/4" in roll
Standard Stitch Eccentric:  6 Stitches per inch
Stitch Eccentric Range:  4-12 SPI
Standard Needle:  8SD
Needle Range:  3D-8D
Feeds:  Double Row Coarse, Fine Available
Needle Thread:  36-4 Cotton
Chemical Nickel Plate:  N/A
Number of Threads:  1
Speed:  2250 RPM
Installation:  70-Assembly-1 or Rail
Merrow 72-D3BR

Merrow 72-D3BR
Industrial Serger- Butted Seam

Price: $2,850.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Merrow has a proud heritage of industrial innovation and precision engineering in every machine they make. Ease of use, clean operation and refined components reflect more than 160 years of leadership in the textile industry. Renowned for their longevity and reliability, Merrow machines are quiet and easy to maintain. Because Merrow is a single-source manufacturer, the company can assure total quality control and consistent availability.

The butted seam is the seam of choice for the endwise joining of piece goods. The Merrow line of butted seam machines includes models that will produce butted, gap, and overlap seams to achieve the optimum results, according to the fabrics and manufacturing processes used. Processing advantages include mininal material waste, reduced shrinkage and wrinkling, low bulk, and wet or dry fabric processing.