Merrow MG-3Q-3


  • Decorative Overedge
  • With Powerstand


Application:  Baby Blankets, Childrens Wear, Dress/Shirt Collars
Seam Type:  505
Standard Seam Width:  3/16" (4.7625mm)
Seam Width Range:  N/A
Standard Stitch Eccentic:  5 Shells per inch
Stitch Eccentric Range:  3-6 Shells per inch
Standard Needle:  3D
Needle Range:  1D-3D
Loopers:  1 Upper Looper (Blind), 1 Lower Looper (Eye)
Needle Thread:  50-3 Cotton
Looper Thread:  Same as Needle Thread
Number of Threads:  3
Speed:  5500 RPM
Installation:  Non-Submerged, Submerged, or Semi-Submerged
Merrow MG-3Q-3

Merrow MG-3Q-3
Industrial Serger- Decorative/Overedge

Price: $2,855.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Merrow has a proud heritage of industrial innovation and precision engineering in every machine they make. Ease of use, clean operation and refined components reflect more than 160 years of leadership in the textile industry. Renowned for their longevity and reliability, Merrow machines are quiet and easy to maintain. Because Merrow is a single-source manufacturer, the company can assure total quality control and consistent availability.

The overedge stitch that Merrow invented and perfected is often referred to in the trade as “Merrowing”. This useful stitch is essential to cleaning and sealing the edge of fabrics during production or for adding decorative flair to items ranging from baby blankets to wedding gowns.

The Merrow Decorative/Overedge machines produce a variety of stitches that have proven themselves under heavy usage. The range of feed option includes differential, single row, double row, coarse teeth, fine teeth, and rubber (for processing sheer fabrics).