Merrow MG-4D-45


  • Hoisery Overedge
  • With Power Stand


Application:  Light to Medium Toe Closing
Seam Type:  514
Standard Seam Width:  1/8" (3.1750mm)
Seam Width Range:  1/8"-3/16" (3.1750mm-4.7625mm)
Standard Stitch Eccentric:  Dependent on Needle Count
Stitch Eccentric Range:  See Above
Standard Needle:  B00SDT
Needle Range:  B00DE-B1SDT
Looper, Hook, Supplementary Thread Carrier:  I Upper Looper (blind), 1 Lower Looper (eye)
Needle Thread:  50-1
Looper or Supplementary Thread Carrier Thread:  70-1 or 2
Number of Threads:  3
Speed:  5500 RPM
Installation:  Non-Submerged
Merrow MG-4D-45

Merrow MG-4D-45
Industrial Serger- Hosiery

Price: $2,595.00

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Merrow has a proud heritage of industrial innovation and precision engineering in every machine they make. Ease of use, clean operation and refined components reflect more than 160 years of leadership in the textile industry. Renowned for their longevity and reliability, Merrow machines are quiet and easy to maintain. Because Merrow is a single-source manufacturer, the company can assure total quality control and consistent availability.

Merrow knows hosiery. In fact, our machines were developed in close cooperation with the hosiery industry. Attractive and durable, the flat-butted stitches and precision overedge produced by Merrow's hosiery line are found on the majority of socks and hose produced today. Our experience and know-how offer you a proven solution.

The expertly engineered tension control in the Merrow Hosiery machines minimizes yarn breakage and produces a superior stitch. Easy threading saves set-up time, and the machines are easy to adjust and service. Highly finished parts and automatic lubrication round out the advantages of these thoroughbred performers.