Sewing Machines and Sergers

Complete list of Household Sewing Machines

Brother LS2125i Brother LS2125i Multi-stitch Sewing Machine
Price: $129.00
Brother XL2610 Brother XL2610 Versatile 59 Stitch Function Sewing Machine
Price: $149.00
Brother XL2600i Brother XL2600i 59 Stitch Function Sewing Machine
Price: $149.00
Juki HZL-12Z Juki HZL-12Z HZL-12Z
Price: $149.00
Brother XL-5130 Brother XL-5130 Lightweight Free Arm Sewing Machine
Price: $159.00
Brother XL-5232 Brother XL-5232 17 Stitch Sewing Machine
Price: $170.00
Brother XL3510 Brother XL3510 FREE SHIPPING! 72 Stitch Function Sewing Machine
Price: $179.00
Juki HZL-353ZR-C Juki HZL-353ZR-C Compact Size Sewing Machine with 21 Stitch Patterns
Price: $199.00
Brother XL-5340 Brother XL-5340 Free Arm Sewing Machine
Price: $199.00
Brother CS6000T Brother CS6000T Computer Sewing Machine and Extension Table
Price: $199.00
Brother XL-6452 Brother XL-6452 27 Stitch Sewing Machine
Price: $209.00
Brother PED-BASIC Brother PED-BASIC PE Design Embroidery Downloader Card Writer Box
Price: $210.00
Juki HZL-355Z Juki HZL-355Z HZL-355Z
Price: $279.00
Brother ES2000 Brother ES2000 77 Stitch Function Computerized Free Arm
Price: $299.00
Brother CE-4000 Brother CE-4000 CE-4000 Computerized Sewing Machine
Price: $299.00
Brother CS6000i Brother CS6000i 60 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine
Price: $349.00
Brother PC210PRW Brother PC210PRW PC210PRW NEW Ltd Edition
Price: $399.00
Juki HZL-70HW Juki HZL-70HW
Price: $399.00
Brother SE350 Brother SE350
Price: $449.00
Brother 270D Brother 270D FREE SHIPPING! Disney Sewing & Embroidery Machine
Price: $449.00
Brother LB6770PRW Brother LB6770PRW LB6770 Project Runway Limited Edition
Price: $499.00
Juki HZL-80HP-A Juki HZL-80HP-A Compact Size Computer Controlled Sewing Machine with 197 Stitch Patterns
Price: $499.00
Brother PE-180D Brother PE-180D Personal Embroidery System with Disney Magic
Price: $499.00
Juki HZL-F300 Juki HZL-F300 Juki HZL-F300
Price: $575.00
Brother PC420PRW Brother PC420PRW Brother PC420PRW - NEW Ltd Edition
Price: $599.00
Juki HZL-G120 Juki HZL-G120
Price: $719.00
Juki TL-2000Qi Juki TL-2000Qi Mid-Arm Quilting and Piecing Machine
Price: $780.00
Brother PQ-1500S Brother PQ-1500S High Speed Long Arm Straight Stitch Sewing Machine
Price: $799.00
Brother PE-700 Brother PE-700 Brother PE-700 Embroidery Machine
Price: $799.00
Juki HZL-G220 Juki HZL-G220
Price: $799.00
Brother PE-770 Brother PE-770
Price: $799.00
Juki HZL-F400 Juki HZL-F400 Computer Sewing Machine
Price: $899.00
Juki TL2010Q Juki TL2010Q Computer-Controlled Automatic Machines
Price: $999.00
Juki HZL-F600 Juki HZL-F600 Computer Sewing Machine
Price: $1,049.00
Juki HZL-DX5 Juki HZL-DX5
Price: $1,199.00
Juki HZL-DX7 Juki HZL-DX7
Price: $1,399.00
Juki KIREI HZL-NX7 Juki KIREI HZL-NX7 Professional Quality Quilting and Sewing Machine with 351 Stitch Patterns and 4 Fonts
Price: $2,999.00