Consew CM05


  • Stainless Steel Boiler & External Body.
  • Four Safety Valves.
  • Large Water Capacity For Long Ironing.
  • Anti-perspiration Cork Handle.
  • Professional Quality Irons.
  • Stainless Steel External Body.
  • Stainless Steel Internal Boiler, Limestone-proof, Permits The User The Use Of Tap Water.
  • Provided with a "Correct Filling" Switch To Easily Fill To The correct Quantity Of Water
  • Copper Heating Element Heats Water Quickly Plus Save On Power Usage.
  • Direct Pressure Control Maintains Optimal Steam Pressure.
  • Temperature Control Directly On The Heating Element To Respond Quickly To Temperature Variations.
  • Lighted Switches For Iron And Boiler Indicate When Their Heating Elements Are On.
  • Low Water Indicator Light.
  • All the cables Are Heavy-Duty And Durable.
  • Steam Control Dial Right On The Iron.
  • Comes With Heat-Proof Rubber Iron Rest Mat.
  • Most Parts Interchangeable Between Models CM05 And CM02.
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Plate with 32 Steam Chambers to Avoid Drops Of Water Even With A Steam Tube Of 5 Meters.
  • Ironing Plate With Heating Element Welded To Base For Efficient Heat Conduction.
  • Bimetallic Thermostat With Manual Rearm For An Optimal Plate Heat Control.
  • Durable Steel Handle Covered In Plastic With Cork Center Part for Ironing Comfort.
  • Steam Button Easily Adjustable Also For Left-Handers.
  • Safety Valve with interlock To Prevent Opening Under Pressure.
  • Mechanical Valve Inserted In The Safety Cap.
  • Boiler Thermostat: Controls Constantly The Pressure Inside The Boiler.
  • Pressure Switch To Keep The Pressure Into The Boiler Under Control.
  • Iron Thermostat: Controls The Plate Temperature.
  • Security Iron Thermostat Blocks The Circuit In Case Of Abnormal Temperature In The Plate.


Working Voltage::  110v. 60 hzAC (220 v. Available)
Power:  Boiler - 1000W. Iron - 800W
Nominal Operating Steam Pressure:  205 Bar (Maximum Pressure 3.5 bar)
Consew CM05

Consew CM05
Model CM05 2.5 Liter Capacity

Call For Price:

For Up To 4 hours of ironing. Externally Accessible Steam Regulator With Pressure Gauge.