Industrial Sewing Machines and Sergers

Complete list of Used Industrial Straight Stitch Machines

Singer 95-80 Singer 95-80 Used Industrial Lockstitch Machine
Price: $300.00
Singer 96-40 Singer 96-40 Industrial Lockstitch Machine
Price: $320.00
Singer 241 Singer 241 Self Oiling Industrial Sewing Machine
Price: $325.00
Singer 31-15 Singer 31-15 Heavy Duty Tailor's Sewing Machine
Price: $350.00
Singer 281 Singer 281 Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
Price: $375.00
Singer 591D Singer 591D Used Industrial Machine- Straight
Price: $450.00
Singer 112-140 Double Needle Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
Price: $475.00
Singer 107W1 Singer 107W1 Used Industrial Zig Zag Machine
Price: $525.00
Singer 212-140 Singer 212-140 Double Needle Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
Price: $650.00
Singer 111w155 Singer 111w155 High Speed Walking Foot Machine
Price: $710.00
Juki DDL555-5 Juki DDL555-5 Used Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
Price: $750.00
Juki DDL5550-6 Juki DDL5550-6 Used Industrial Straight Stitch Machine
Price: $925.00
Kansai WX-8803EMK Kansai WX-8803EMK Kansai WX-8803EMK
Price: $1,200.00
Juki FS311L51-2H64 Juki FS311L51-2H64 Juki FS311L51-2H64
Price: $1,300.00
Juki MF-7723-C10-B64 Juki MF-7723-C10-B64 Juki MF-7723-C10-B64
Price: $1,350.00
Juki MH-380 Juki MH-380 Juki MH-380
Price: $1,375.00
Juki MB-1377 Juki MB-1377 Juki MB-1377
Price: $1,800.00
Juki DLN-9010SH Juki DLN-9010SH Juki DLN-9010SH
Price: $1,850.00
Juki dlu-5490n-7 Juki dlu-5490n-7 Juki dlu-5490n-7
Price: $2,350.00
Juki LBH-783 Juki LBH-783 Juki LBH-783
Price: $2,400.00
Juki MF-7723-E10-B64-MD10-TC13B Juki MF-7723-E10-B64-MD10-TC13B Juki MF-7723-E10-B64-MD10-TC13B
Price: $2,500.00
Juki MF7823-UB56-UT25 Juki MF7823-UB56-UT25 Juki MF7823-UB56-UT25
Price: $2,550.00
Juki MF-7823-ub56-ut25 Juki MF-7823-ub56-ut25 juki MF-7823-ub56-ut25
Price: $2,550.00
Juki MF-7823-H20-B56-UT25-MC35 Juki MF-7823-H20-B56-UT25-MC35 Juki MF-7823-H20-B56-UT25-MC35
Price: $2,600.00
Juki 35800dnu9 Juki 35800dnu9 Juki 35800dnu9
Price: $4,200.00
Juki 36200U300 Juki 36200U300
Price: $4,300.00
Singer 144W Singer 144W 30 Inch Arm Industrial Lockstitch Machine
Price: $4,700.00
Seiko JW-8BL-30 Seiko JW-8BL-30 Seiko JW-8BL-30
Price: $5,350.00