Brother HE-800A


  • Easy positioning
  • No need for adjustments such as replacing cutter cams when changing number of stitches
  • Simple and easy-to-use operation panel
  • Ideal for sewing vertical buttonholes
  • A wider operating area is available when the machine head is positioned horizontally on the work table
  • Purl stitch / Whip stitch
  • Adoption of a clutchless mechanism ensures quieter operating environment and increased durability
  • The home position sensor incorporates a non-optical proximity sensor, so the sensor is not subject to operating errors from oil or dust, and cleaning oil and dust from the sensor are also unnecessary
  • The needle bar can be moved to the right as a matter of course, and this makes threading much easier
  • The lower thread trimming mechanism operates in conjunction with the presser foot lifter mechanism, and is driven by a pulse motor. As a result, the thread trimmer driving speed can also be changed at the operation panel
  • The thread take-up, rotary hook and thread path mechanisms provide ideal balance, so that attractive buttonholes can be sewn in a variety of different materials under a variety conditions
  • The cutter vertical movements is driven by a double position solenoid, so that the material is cut more acurately
  • Attractive finishes are obtained with no upper thread trailing at the sewing end. This ensures a stable and consistent high-quality sewing finish is always obtained
  • Adoption of a bobbin presser prevents the bobbin from spinning free when the lower thread is trimmed. This makes lower thread feeding more stable and produces better stitches at the sewing start
  • The lower thread holding device holds the lower thread at the sewing start to ensure that the thread end is sewn into the seam properly
  • A new needle zigzag mechanism (patent pending) reduces the effect of vibration from upper shaft rotation on the needle bar, so that stable and accurate needle zigzagging is obtained even at high speeds
  • When sewing speed has been changed, a knife is not used to trim the thread. The cutter space does not change, further making sure that the finish is attractive
  • The left and right stitch width ratio for buttonholes can be set on the operation panel
  • Up to four pattern can be combined and sewn together
  • RectangleFeature Illustration
  • Saw shapeFeature Illustration
  • Sew togetherFeature Illustration
  • ZigzagFeature Illustration
  • The operation of the cutter can be set to one of four timings (front knife, center knife, rear knife and front + center knife)
  • When the front knife setting is used, the rough edges are hemmed by the buttonhole stitches after cutting, thus providing a more attractive finish
  • When set to two-cycle cross sewing, the zigzag stitches sewn during the first and second cycles do not overlap with each other, so that the sewing pitch appears finer and the finish looks even more attractive
  • Selectable rear tack vector shape prevents dimples at the rear tack section when not using an underlay
  • The zigzag pitch setting range has been made even finer. You can now select intermediate pitches which were previously impossible
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Brother HE-800A

Brother HE-800A
Electronic Lockstitch Buttonholer

Price: $6,600.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Electronic operation provides a much greater number of pattern variations and a dramatic improvement in sewing quality.


Program selection is as easy as pressing a button. 90 separate programs can be stored in memory. Furthermore, you can add up to 9 original patterns with programming software for electronic pattern sewer (optional product).