Consew 501P


  • A 2-15/16" (60 mm) 10-sided round knife and carbide tipped stationary counter knife. Comes with a sharpening stone mounted in the machine.
  • At the heart of this cutter is it's powerful 9.6 volt brushless motor fed by a heavy-duty NiCad Battery Pack. It recharges in 1 hour and can cut approximately 325 yards (300 meters) of cloth or 350 feet (120 meters) of material on a single charge.
  • For continuous operation, keep a second (optional)battery in the charger.
  • The newly designed knife guard meets international safety regulations.
  • It comes equipped with simple touch sharpener to ensure sharpness at all times.
  • Stops automatically if it slips out of your hand.
  • The shear with battery attached is only 2.5 lbs (1.136 kg.) 11-1/2" (29.5 cm) long
Consew 501P

Consew 501P
Heavy Duty Battery Operated Cutter

Price: $255.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Heavy Duty, Portable, Battery Operated Rotary Cutter

With: Heavy Duty NiCard Battery Pack and Temperature controlled Quick Charge Charger

This cordless heavy duty electric shear works like a pair of hand shears only faster, cleaner and easier. Cuts material of up to " (12 mm) in thickness, including knitted fabrics, leather, carpet, fiberglass, etc