Consew DCS-S3


  • Fortuna-type knife, shoe & plate
  • Skiving width up to 2"
  • Waste removing device
  • Separate clutch for engaging the knife sharpener prolongs the life of the knife and sharpening stone
  • Widely used for edge skiving and whole skiving of leather, artificial leather, vinyl, and similar materials
  • Used in conjunction with such products as shoe uppers, leather bags, belts, and watch straps
  • Also suitable for bevel skiving with use of special presser foot- available on special order


Speed, Max.:  1100 SPM
Working Width:  Up to 2" (50mm) Skive
Barre Grinding Wheel:  Fully interchangeable with similar equipment
Consew DCS-S3

Consew DCS-S3
Skiving Machine

Price: $900.00

(You can always remove it later.)