Speedway SP100DD


  • The SD100DD will cut of up to 1/4 inch in height and can handle a wide range of materials including light cotton/polyester right up to heavy denim and canvas.
  • An adjustable front knife guard ensures the operatorís safety.
  • Nothing makes cutting fabric easier than a sharp blade. The SD100DDís built-in sharpener guarantees a sharp edge on every cut.
  • Uses the structure of human body engineering design concept, humanized design, embedded software of intelligent controller and speed regulation,
  • the constant torque running at, tailoring to force, environmental protection and energy saving LED lighting device.
  • Universal cylinder-bed machine for use in small leather goods, leather garments, upholstery, shoes, etc.
  • Working on tubular or pre-attached articles and standard sewing work on leather wear, bags and leathercraft articles.


Voltage:  110V
Input power:  3.5W-250W
Blade size:  110mm
Cut thickness:  32mm
Speed:  600/800/1000/1200(adjustble)
Weight:  1.5/1.1kg(G.W/N.W)
Warranty:  1 Year
Speedway SP100DD

Speedway SP100DD
Speedway SP100DD 4in Hand Held Cutting Machine

Price: $140.00

(You can always remove it later.)