Juki MH-486-5


  • 1-needle, Double Chainstitch, Bottom & Variable Top-feed Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • The machine works effectively for processes which require partial shirring as long as the partial shirring device (PH-3) is used in combination with the partial shirring dial
  • The partial shirring device comes in two different types, the kneepad drive type and the pedal drive type
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • The machine comes with a forced lifting mechanism for the top-feed dog. This enables the operator to place the material to be sewn on the top-feed dog more smoothly
  • The machine incorporates its exclusive chain-off thread presser pedal foot, which improves seam quality and ease of operation
  • The exclusive gauge comes in five different types, and the gauges can be replaced in a simple procedure. This facilitates the required adjustment when changing the needle count
  • The machine comes with many different functions to prevent uneven material feed and puckering for higher-quality seams
  • The machine is adaptable to a wider variety of light-to heavy-weight materials and takes full advantage of top-feed mechanism. This enables unskilled operators to finish seams of consistent quality
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki MH-486-5

Juki MH-486-5
Bottom and Variable Top-Feed Double Chainstitch

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An easy-to-operate, high-precision presser foot, feed dog and thread draw-out mechanism have been developed for this sewing machine so that any operator can finish seams of the highest quality.
The machine flexibly adapts to a wider range of light- to heavy-weight materials, process changes, and sewing specifications, including partial shirring.


The top-feed amount can be adjusted independently of the bottom-feed. The maximum lift of the walking foot is 3mm.