Seiko LDA-T36-2


  • Three needle, for heavy weight materials
  • Suitable for sewing shirts, sleep suits, jeans, pants, skirts, uniforms, heavy overalls, raincoats, and otherwise difficult to sew tubular products, etc.
  • Fully automatic lubrication
  • Clear, unobstructed view of work area for operator with ample work space to right of needle
  • Easy access to stitch regulator and looper avoiding motion adjustment
  • Oil flow window indicates oil circulation
  • Non-slip belt drive to bed mechanism assures smooth, positive power feeding
  • Under threading readily accessible through hinged covers
  • Complete with table stand and motor
  • Made in Japan
Seiko LDA-T36-2

Seiko LDA-T36-2
High Speed Feed-Off-the-Arm Double Chainstitch

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SEIKO SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD is manufacture of heavy industrial sewing machine for shoe, bag, tent, car seat and heavy material making. We enjoy good reputation from all over the world as manufacturer of specialized sewing machine.
Our products are widely used in the world famous manufacturers.
In car seat industry, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, foreign manufacturers such as U.S.A.'s in shoe industry, ECCO & ACHILLES in bag industry, ACE. The motto of SEIKO is always to develop and supply new models in order to satisfy the requirements from the market.


High speed, feed-off-the-arm, drop feed, double chainstitch machine.