Seiko SSLD- 8R (2-9 needles)


  • For sewing medium to heavy weight fabric, leather, canvas, denim, synthetics, and various coated and laminated materials
  • Suitable for automobile upholstery, carpets, mattresses, etc.
  • Ultra long arm, work space 20 inch (508mm)
  • Compound feed and alternating presser foot mechanism ensures even feeding of heaviest and most slippery articles to be sewn
  • Heavy duty top and bottom puller ensures accurate and efficient feeding
  • No bobbin winding or changing (double chain stitch)
  • Automatic presser foot lift (FL) available
  • Wide range of needle gauges available, from 12-18 (Max. needle gauge width 18 in/460mm)
  • Please indicate needle gauge size of each needle and overall length when ordering
  • Complete with table stand and motor
  • Made in Japan
Seiko SSLD- 8R (2-9 needles)

Seiko SSLD- 8R (2-9 needles)
Heavy Duty Ultra Long Arm Double Chainstitch

Price: $6,100.00

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SEIKO SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD is manufacture of heavy industrial sewing machine for shoe, bag, tent, car seat and heavy material making. We enjoy good reputation from all over the world as manufacturer of specialized sewing machine.
Our products are widely used in the world famous manufacturers.

Heavy duty, ultra long arm, compound feed and walking foot, clutch driven puller feed, double chainstitch machines.