Techsew BG-62G-12MS Feed


  • Suitable for light and medium fabrics
  • 6-thread, 4-needle machine
  • Double out fabric cutting system
  • 6mm gauge size
  • Direct drive servo motor
  • Automatic foot lift system via solenoid
  • Automatic thread wiper system via solenoid
  • Waste disposal vacuum system with receptacle


Needle system::  UY118GKS size #8 to #14
Retainer needle::  36211, or 36211A #8 to #12
Stitch length::  1 to 2.5mm
Stitches per inch::  10 to 25
Speed::  4000RPM
Maximum foot lift::  6mm (1/4")
Voltage::  220V single phase
Techsew BG-62G-12MS Feed

Techsew BG-62G-12MS Feed
Feed Off the Arm Flat Seamer

Price: $5,500.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The Techsew BG-62G-12MS feed off the arm flat seamer is designed for manufacturing athletic wear, swimwear, underwear and various light and medium weight fabrics.