Consew CFC Smooth-Cut Straight


  • CFC-M Motor: (with power cable and on/off switch)
  • CFC-B Base: For use with Consew® CFC-M
  • Standard (column): Order the size that fits the blades you wish to use. CFC-C3 - 3” (70mm) / CFC-C5 - 5” (130mm) / CFC-C8 - 8” (200mm) / CFC-C12 - 12” (300mm)
  • Blades: Dual Movable Blades. Sold in sets of 2 blades only: CFC-BL3 - 3" (70mm) / CFC-BL5 - 5" (130mm) / CFC-BL8 - 8" (200mm) / CFC-BL12 - 12" (300mm)
  • COMPLETE SETUP: CFC-(SIZE) {consists of motor, base, column (guide), blade set} CFC-3” / CFC-5” / CFC-8” / CFC-12"


Blade Size : 3", 5", 8", 12": 
Cutting Capacity :various dep on blade length: 
Consew CFC Smooth-Cut Straight

Consew CFC Smooth-Cut Straight
Knife Styro Foam and Rubber Cutter Choose 3" 5" 8" or 12" Blades

Price: $625.00

(You can always remove it later.)

With this system, you can not only have the cutter size you need for one size of cutting, but you can also have more sets of Columns/Blades and switch your CFC cutter size in a matter of minutes. It is much safer and easier to use the cutter length appropriate to the material thickness you are cutting. The CFC System allows you to have up to four sizes using the same CFC-M Motor and CFC-B Base.

Additional information

CFC Instruction Manual
CFC Spec Sheet (PDF)