Brother BKE-430HS


  • Superior Productivity This machine provides 3,300 sti/min enhancing productivity
  • Needle Cooler Prevents Thread Breakage The Needle Cooler not only prevents thread breakage, but enhances the actual sewing speed by 10% compared to the previous model.
  • Productivity Improvement with IoT The NEXIO series are IoT applicable models. The ability to combine sewing machines and computer technology enables the customer to analyze, manage processes, speed up productivity improvement and maintenance work.
  • Reduction of Disposition of Thread Ends The thread trimmer is driven by the stepping motor, which cuts the thread shorter, more stable, and quieter than conventional mechanical thread trimmers. It also reduces the hand trimming work after sewing.
  • Clean Sewing Without Oil Staining HS models are minimum lubrication and they supply limited oil only to the needle bar and thread take-up to prevent oil from being dispersed, creating a clean sewn product.


FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Power Source: 100V-110V (*1 Transformer needed may require additional purchase), 200V-230V: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 "Application : Heavy Materials Application :Heavy Materials": 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Lubrication Type : Minimum Lubrication: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Machine Head Drive : Direct Drive: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Maximum Sewing Speed : 3,300 sti/min: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Motor Type : AC Servo: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Number of Needles : Single Needle: 
FeatureBullet FeatureImage Combo15 Short Name : Bar tacker: 
Brother BKE-430HS

Brother BKE-430HS
Electronic Direct Drive Lock Stitch

Price: $4,050.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Increase your productivity with the amazing sewing speed and the prevention of thread breakage with a Needle Cooler this machine has to offer. It also has superior sewing quality, usability, and reduced maintenance costs.