Brother KE-435C


  • The stepping foot securely holds the material around the needle during sewing, thus preventing problems like skipped stitches, thread breakages and needle breakages from happening
  • By using the stepping foot together with a standard work clamp, the sewing machine can sew any kind of pattern you desire. This eliminates the cost of making new work clamps, and greatly reduced time requirements too
  • The thread take-up device lets you easily set the trailing length of upper thread after thread trimming to the optimum length for the material being sewn
  • The thread take-up amount could be increased, allowing the highest-quality thread tightness to be obtained regardless of the type of material
  • The oil supplied to the rotary hook is kept clean at all times, which helps to prevent staining of the thread
  • The home position sensor incorporates a non-optical proximity sensor, so the sensor is not subject to operating errors from oil or dust, and cleaning oil and dust from the sensor are also unnecessary
  • The foot switch needs only a light pedal pressure to operate. This reduces the operator's working fatigue and gives better work efficiency
  • Enlargement and reduction of the sewing patterns can be set at a touch using the operating panel. The ratios can be entered either as a percentage or in length (mm) (determined by DIP switch setting)
  • When the programmer is connected, sewing data can be created, edited and saved using the sewing machine itself
  • This eliminates the inconvenience of having to change PROM chips, and greatly improves programming efficiency. (Programmer is available as an option)
  • An built-in motor system that is ideally suited to cycle sewing machines has been adopted. This system reduces overall cycle time
  • Integration of the motor and the machine head and the adoption of a timing belt make sewing machine operation much quieter and reduce machine vibration
  • Periodic adjustment of the belt tension and adjustment of the motor position are no longer necessary. The machine head can also be tilted back to carry out adjustments without the need to remove the belt cover
  • The adoption of a timing belt eliminates the problem of belt shavings soiling sewing products
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Brother KE-435C

Brother KE-435C
Electronic Lockstitch Pattern Tacker

Price: $7,600.00

(You can always remove it later.)