Jack M90-A


  • Touch Screen LCD Control Panel
  • Direct Drive AC Servo Motor
  • Twin Gear Drive Dual Motor System
  • Pattern Template Clamping System
  • Pattern Template ID System
  • Intermediate Presser Foot System
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • Pre Programmed Patterns
  • User Programmable Patterns
  • 1400mm x 810mm Sewing Area
  • Pneumatic Template Clamping System
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Electronic Thread Tension Device
  • Integrated Adjustable LED
  • Complete with Table and Stand
  • Optional: Laser Cutter Device
Jack M90-A

Jack M90-A
Computerized, Direct Drive, Twin Gear Driven, Programmable, Large Area Template Sewing Machine(1400mmx800mm)

Call For Price:

The Jack M90-A is the largest programmable pattern template sewing machine in its class, giving you far more sewing area than our competitors all at an affordable price. The M90-A is twin gear driven for increased accuracy over our M90-C belt driven model.

The M90-A was designed to provide manufacturers with the ability to increase productivity without the need for skilled labor by implementing the use of pattern templates. These templates are automatically identified by the RFID system, recalling the correct CAD design for automatic sewing. The operator simply prepares the fabric on the template and our One Button Sewing Start function runs the program automatically; creating perfect repeatable seams time and time again even on the most complex designs.

In most instances one operator can run multiple machines increasing productivity exponentially. While one machine is running the program and sewing, the operator can prepare the next template and run that machine simultaneously. The optional laser cutting device can even cut fabric, when needed.