Juki MF-7923


  • 3-needle, top and bottom coverstitch machine
  • The optimized thread take-up mechanism and top covering thread path route contribute to an increased stability of top covering stitches
  • In addition, the machine is capable of performing sewing with a low tension applied to the thread to offer improved responsiveness to the sewing thread
  • The machine is provided with a variety of mechanisms, which have been developed in consideration of production sites
  • The mechanisms can be easily maintained, contributing to increased production efficiency
  • The looper thread cam has been provided with a thread wrapping prevention device
  • In the event that thread becomes wrapped around the cam, the bracket can be removed with ease
  • The end face of the looper cam and the looper thread bushing overlap so as to prevent looper thread from tangling in the looper shaft
  • The prevention mechanism also protects the oil seal from breakage
  • The needle bar stroke can be increased by changing the position of the eccentric pin to smoothly sew heavy-weight materials
  • The troublesome replacement of parts, which is conventionally associated with needle-bar-stroke changing work, is no longer required
  • The machine comes with a differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism and micro-lifter mechanism
  • With these mechanisms, the machine is able to sew almost all kinds of sewing products, such as foundations, light-weight underwear and heavy-weight fleece, increasing the number of sewing items
  • A forced circulation mechanism has been introduced into the cylinder unit to prevent sewing products from being stained with oil
  • The mechanism is effective in eliminating oil stains
  • The machine produces seams, which match materials and thread with consistency
  • Comfortable Working Space
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki MF-7923

Juki MF-7923
High-Speed Cylinder Bed Top and Bottom Coverstitch

Price: $2,775.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Seam quality, functions and performance have been totally renewed.
MF-7800 series is newly launched!