Kansai NR9803DC-UTE


  • Comes complete with servo power stand
  • Made In Japan


FL:  Pneumatic presser foot lifter(for clutch / servo motor)
EW:  Electric wiper
AW:  Air wiper
RT-1:  Elastic expander(included in elastic band attaching models)
Kansai NR9803DC-UTE

Kansai NR9803DC-UTE
NR·NRE Series

Price: $2,780.00

(You can always remove it later.)

NR·NRE series are high speed and high performance, top and bottom coverstitch machines with cylinder bed (circumference 280mm).

These machine have wide-range of models from 1to 4 needle. These machines are suitable for various kinds of operations like plain stitching, covering, hemming, attaching elastic, attaching pre-closed elastic to men’s briefs, and etc.

Various subclass models are available : puller, right knife, left knife, etc.

Stitch length can be adjusted by a push button easily (max. 4mm, 6 stitches/inch).

NRE series has the looper thread take-up cam on the outside of the machine for easier handling.