techsew T350


  • Fully automatic lubrication
  • High speed lock stitch delivers up to 6000 stitches per minute
  • 1/4" (7.0mm) presser foot lift
  • Compatible with needles sizes 9-18
  • Needle type:128GAS
  • Uses up to size 46 thread
  • Stitch Length - 1.5-4.5 mm
  • Needle gauge 3 needles: 6.4mm (1/4")
  • Needle gauge 2 needles: 3.2mm (1/8"), 6.4mm (1/4")
  • Maximum 6 stitches per inch at the longest stitch length setting.
  • Includes 3450RPM clutch motor
  • Includes complete table, motor, threadstand, lamp and all accessories
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty and FREE technical support for the life of your machine
  • Machine comes inspected, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW
techsew T350

techsew T350

Price: $1,679.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The Techsew T350 is designed for sewing cotton, polyester, lycra, denim, synthetics and fabrics for garment production.