Universal 1501 Embroidery


Suitable for flat, cap and finished garments embroidery.: 
Auto thread trimmer, auto color change.: 
270 wide cap frame.: 
Max speed 1200 RPM: 
Multiple languages supported, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and more.: 
10" big touch screen, with photo embroidery function, showing real time stitching.: 
Full screen pre-view design function support.: 
Auto start and color change, 200 times color change.: 
Wide range of voltage AC80-260V input.: 
Adapts to unstable electricity.: 
DC36V safe voltage output.: 
Machine max power consumption: 150W: 
Devices could be matched ( color, sequins, beads).: 
Universal 1501 Embroidery

Universal 1501 Embroidery
Embroidery Machine

Price: $6,995.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Computerized Single Head Embroidery Machine, with speed up to 1200 rpm. You will be able to embroider almost all types of garments such as shirts, polo shirts, denim, caps, leather, etc.


Includes complete set of tubular embroidery hoops, with which you can embroider all your basic embroidered items such as shirts, aprons, jackets, linens, backs of hats, and more.


Embroidery control panel is a very powerful tool and makes work easier and quicker. The functioning of the control panel is done on a touchscreen display making it very user friendly and convenient.

Includes all the features you need to create amazing embroidery designs.