The Grace Company Laser


  • No cords to hang you up
  • Position the stylus at any angle with the universal swivel mount
  • Easily compatible with your quilting frame
  • Follow patterns on work or fabric surface
  • Extended hours of use (runs on two AA batteries)
The Grace Company Laser
The Grace Company

The Grace Company Laser
Quilter's Laser Stylus

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The Grace Company

The Grace Company is excited to announce the new Gracie Laser, a quilters' laser stylus.

The easy-to-follow Gracie Laser allows quilters to perfect their favorite patterns on their heirloom quilts.

The Gracie Laser attaches with a universal swivel mount that can be positioned at any angle. This allows quilters to follow patterns on fabric or work surface.

The Gracie Laser is the latest in a line of quality accessories to enhance your quilting experience

The Gracie Laser is a new quilters' stylus ideal for following patterns and panto's. This cordless laser stylus attaches at multiple places your carriage and swivels to aim in any direction desired.