Cowboy 806


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Cowboy 806

Cowboy 806
Leather Splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery

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This is one of the finest bench splitters manufactured today.

The 806 leather splitting and skiving machine is an excellent choice for the leatherworker on a budget that requires a very sharp, efficient leather craft tool for doing a multitude of leather splitting operations around the workshop.

Featuring the ability to do both lap skives (tapered skives) and level skives (same thickness throughout length) this machine will prove to be a workhorse in any leather workers shop.

Each blade is hand sharpened by hollow grinding by our expert craftsman to produce a blade edge that is razor sharp. Each blade is heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 65-68 which insures that the machine will hold an edge over many hours of use.

The 806 series machine features adjustable depth stops on BOTH sides of the machine allowing the user to maintain an even thickness of skive across the width of the piece.

A handy spring action on the left hand side of the machine allows the handle to recoil back after the operator let's go of the handle setting the machine for inserting the next piece of leather.

An ultra convenient cam brake on the right hand side of the machine allows the user to lock the handle in place for using both hands to pull the leather through. This feature is normally found on leather splitters costing much more money.