Weaver Leather 6530-79 Motorized


  • All the same features as our 65-3085 hand-operated design with the addition of a 110 volt electric motor
  • The machine will not run without the guard in place as an extra safety precuation
  • The 110 volt, 1,725 rpm clutch type motor with 1/2 hp features an on/off switch and a plug in for a 15-20 watt light
  • Comes complete with a 16-1/2" D x 23-1/2" W x 39-1/2" H stand that will need mounted to the floor
  • Gives your straps, from belt blanks to strap goods, a uniform, professional appearance
  • Designed and manufactured by Weaver Leather for reliable performance
  • Its 8" design features a table and roll that adjust together
  • Thoughtfully-designed for easy access and maintenance
  • Roller bearings provide trouble-free operation
  • Ends remove easily for quick changes of blades and spacers
  • Has the ability to cut 1/8" laces with the use of the 1/16" spacers between the blades
  • Comes set-up for 1" straps with eight 1" spacers and eight blades
  • An economical alternative to cutting by hand


Replacement bottom roll and additional spacers and blades:  sold separately
Blades have an overall depth of:  2.75"
an inside depth of:  1.395"
Instruction sheet:  included
Weaver Leather 6530-79 Motorized
Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather 6530-79 Motorized
Master Tools Strap Cutter

Price: $3,300.00

(You can always remove it later.)
Weaver Leather

Master Tools machines are designed for the professional leatherworker and made by our in-house machine shop and local craftspeople following our strict quality guidelines. You'll appreciate the performance and value these quality-made machines provide. From sourcing the right machines for the job to carefully assembling each machine, the Weaver Leather team is committed to bringing you a full line of machines that deliver professional results every time.