Chandler CM793


  • For overlock sewing of light to heavyweight materials
  • Speed Max. up to 7800 SPM (Depending upon materials, threads, & operation)
  • Fully automatic lubrication with visual flow controls
  • Lubricating oil continuously filtered by replaceable filter
  • External cooling of oil supply
  • Push-button stitch regulator
  • Differential feed with micro metric adjustment for shirring and stretching. Ratio up to 4 to 1
  • Intermittent action possible
  • Standard type B-27 needles
  • 2 needles, 2 loopers, 3 threads
  • Complete with KD power stand
Chandler CM793

Chandler CM793
Chandler CM793 Industrial Serger

Price: $850.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Industrial Serger - High Speed 3-Thread Overlock. The CM793 is great for general overedging such as hemming sleeves on men's knit underwear, closing shoulder for T-shirts, overedging net linings for tricot slips, closing skirt panels, attaching bodices and yokes for tricot slips, etc.