Chandler CM94


  • For overlock sewing of light to heavyweight materials
  • Speed max. up to 7800 SPM (depending on materials, threads, & operation)
  • Fully automatic lubrication with visual flow controls
  • Lubricating oil continuously filtered by replaceable filter
  • External cooling of oil supply
  • Push-button stitch regulator
  • Differential feed with micrometric adjustment for shirring and stretching. Ratio up to 4 to 1
  • Intermittent action possible
  • Standard type B-27 needles
  • 2 needles, 2 loopers, 4 threads
Chandler CM94

Chandler CM94
Industrial Serger- High Speed 4-Thread Overlock

Price: $1,625.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Since 1905, Chandler Machine Company has manufactured industrial hand-operated and electrical sewing machines used in the garment trade, dry cleaning establishments and laundries. We manufacture machines that can cut swatches, sew, embroider, darn, quilt, blindstitch, pink and pleat. Our pleating machines are capable of putting pleats on drapes, fabric, upholstery, paper and even mesh. We can design a machine to pleat almost any specified material. Our heavy-duty Chandler models are designed to handle heavy materials such as canvas, tarps and sail cloth. The Chandler clutch motor is recognized as the premium motor on the market today, combining extreme power, low amperage draw, and exceptional balancing to provide the finest quality product. We are proud of our more than 100 years of excellence and our reputation of reliability.

The CM94 - Mock Safety Stitch- suitable for seaming sides and joining front and side panels on ladies' swim, children's play pants; closing sides on ladies' panties; setting sleeves on ladies' uniform dresses and knitted sport shirts; sewing cuffs to sleeves and attaching pocket pieces to front and back on ladies' robes; setting body lining on men's raincoats, etc. Equipped to handle medium to heavy weight materials and designed for sewing stretchable materials or fabrics which need elasticity in stitching.