Consew FS762H


  • Designed for hemming and joining thin to thick materials such as furs, leathers, vinyls and other plastic materials
  • Suitable for hemming and joining gloves, slippers, fur coats, wet suits, sheepskin coats, and other sheepskin products
  • For heavyweight skins and furs
  • Disc feed, overseaming machine
  • Chainstitch, one thread
  • With table stand and motor


Speed, Max.:  2000
Needle Bar Stroke:  1" (25mm)
Stitch Length:  5 SPI (5mm)
Needle:  81 x 3
Seam Depth Max.:  3/16" (5mm)
Length or Arm:  4 11/32" (110mm)
Consew FS762H

Consew FS762H
Heavy Duty Overseaming Machine

Price: $2,150.00

(You can always remove it later.)