Brother S-7200A


  • Good response and smooth sewing performance
  • No staining of the product
  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use operation panel
  • Comfortable operation with low noise and low vibration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical to use with low power consumption
  • Smooth sewing with direct drive system
  • Digital setting of maximum sewing speed
  • The maximum sewing speed can be easily set using the digital operation panel
  • Sewing speeds are displayed in a sewing speed control display
  • The sewing speed can be changed easily at the control display, which allows the operator to check the sewing speed visually
  • Easy setting using function key
  • Settings relating to sewing machine operation can be carried out at a touch using the function keys on the operation panel
  • The number of stitches is counted
  • The number of stitches you have sewn is counted and a graphic display lights and buzzer sounds when a preset number is reached
  • The stitch counter lets you know how much lower thread you have used and gives you an indication of sewing length. It can be used as a production counter as well
  • Because the panel uses a backlit LCD, the displays are easy to see
  • A safety sensor is provided to stop the motor from operating while the head is tilted, even if the treadle is depressed
  • The complete dry-type head uses a lubrication-free rotary hook, and no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up or rotary hook mechanism. As a result, no lubrication is required at all
  • The running time for the sewing machine is recorded, and when it is time for the greasing maintenance that is indispensable for dry head sewing machines to be carried out, a notification appears automatically on the panel
  • The oil level inside the gearbox can be checked visually. In addition, the gearbox has a heat-discharging construction with fin
  • The brand new built-in direct-drive motor has an optimized design that utilizes magnetic field analysis, and is the most compact motor of its type in the industry
  • And instead of using a V-belt, the drive power is transmitted directly to the mechanisms with no losses, so that any losses in energy are reduced to an absolute minimum
  • This new motor has an energy-saving performance that is a further improvement on previous direct-drive motors
  • Compared to V-belt driven systems (AC servo motors), losses in efficiency are reduced by approximately 40% (compared to the previous Brother model), meaning that this model tops the industry in energy saving
  • The S-7200A has an optimized needle bar, thread take-up loci and feed loci
  • In addition, the adjustment range for the feed dog has been increased, allowing a greater range of different types of material to be sewn
  • Attractive finishes can be obtained with no puckering or slippage, even with materials that slip easily and stretch materials
  • If the needle penetration resistance increases, such as when sewing heavy materials and materials with joints, vibration control automatically increases the penetration force
  • A micro-adjustable type floating presser foot is equipped as standard
  • This device is ideal for controlling presser foot floating in materials that stretch easily and materials with long pile
  • It prevents seam slippage and also prevents damage to the material
  • In addition, three-dimensional articles with irregular curves can also be handled with ease
  • The presser foot adjustment screw has an adjustment scale
  • The presser foot pressure can be controlled numerically, so that you can reset it easily and accurately when required
  • A rotary-type thread trimmer is used to provide stable thread trimming regardless of the type of material being sewn
  • You can set whether or not the tension release operates when the presser foot is raised
  • Uniform thread tension can be obtained even while the presser foot is raised when sewing around corners, thus maintaining attractive finishes
  • Condensed stitching is possible
  • The S-7200A has an arm pocket width of 300 mm and an arm height of 136 mm
  • The S-7200A is easy to understand, easy to operate and has an ergonomic design that eliminates operator fatigue
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Brother S-7200A

Brother S-7200A
Industrial Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine

Price: $1,675.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Brother was the first in the industry to release direct-drive plain lockstitchers. The S-7200A is our leading DD lockstitcher which has been developed from many years of research and success in the market.


The sewing machine frame is highly rigid, and computer analysis has been used for designing everything down to the smallest detail, to create a shape which produces less noise and vibration. This reduces operator fatigue and greatly eliminates stress.