Cobra 4-25


  • Needle Position Motor with synchronizer
  • Featuring Needle Up/Needle Down Capabilities
  • Power Handwheel
  • 25" Arm
  • Sews from 6 oz. to 7/8"
  • Best and most versatile presser feet in the business
  • Thread Sizes from 69 to 415
  • Triple Feed Mechanism
  • Reverse stitches in same holes
  • Stitch Length from 3-22 stiches an inch
  • Sews leather, pads, blankets, webbing, canvas, upholstery, bio-plastics
  • 28 LED Super Beam Lamp
  • Heavy Duty Speed Reducer
  • HD Pedestal with Wheels
  • Accessories
Cobra 4-25

Cobra 4-25
Leather Stitching Machine

Price: $4,730.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Introducing the King Cobra 4-25 the newest member of the COBRA li Leather Stitchers. The King COBRA 4-25 features the new and innovative E Positioning System (EPS). The EPS comes with the Needle Position Motor, Electronic Synchronizer, and Power Handwheel. The EPS is a labor saving device that saves time, money and at the same time consistent, precise stitching. The EPS, allows the needle to stop up, or down, 90 degree corners, back tack, and remove your work without ever having to touch the handwheel.