Consew 255RBATCL(N)


  • Centra-Lube® Semi-Automatic Lubrication System
  • Programmable Functions
  • Automatic Backtacking
  • Automatic Reverse Feed
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Automatic Needle Up/Down
  • Automatic Foot Lift (Electric **) ** Also available as 339RBATCL(N)-1 with Pneumatic Foot Lift
  • Safety Clutch
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Consew 255RBATCL(N)

Consew 255RBATCL(N)
Programmable Heavy Duty Lockstitch

Price: $3,600.00

(You can always remove it later.)

With TRIPLE FEED: Drop Feed, Needle Feed
and Alternating (Walking) Presser Feet

-PEDAL OPERATION The operator has precise control of the motor through the convenient foot pedal. Forward pressure controls speed and backward pressure automatically controls reverse stitching speed.
• ADJUSTABLE PEDAL PRESSURE For ease of operation operator can simply adjust the spring position to meet the desired foot pressure, achieving extremely fast and accurate start-stop actions. Linear speed control for accurate, predictable control.
• UNBLOCKED HAND WHEEL The sewing machine's hand wheel is freely movable, even when the machine is stopped. This allows easy threading and readily permits required adjustments for fittings.
• ELECTRONIC CONTROLS Consew uses a rugged servo-motor. The servo-motor affords precise control of all motor action, while allowing for additional sewing machine functions, such as trimming, foot lift, etc.
• PRECISE NEEDLE POSITIONING A specially designed servo-motor ensures precise needle positioning and stopping accuracy, thereby helping to eliminate one cause of needle breakage.
• SWITCHING OF NEEDLE-UP/DOWN-STOP Either needle-up stop or needle-down stop can be selected intermediate of the end of the seam. (It may be convenient to have the machine stop with the needle in "down" position for operations where sewing will continue after adjusting the item or have it stop in the "needle-up" position when the work will be removed after each operation.)
• AUTO BACKTACK BUTTON Conveniently located a few inches to the right of the needle, one touch initiates a programmable backtacking function.