Cowboy 7204


  • The 7204 class leather sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thick thread, including 1500Dx3 high tenacity polyester yarn for lifting slings
  • Amann Serabraid braided thread 1400 / T60 for coarse decorative seams, particularly suited for hand crafted upholstery, shoes, leather goods, car seats and steering wheel covers; Excellent climbing properties
  • high needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or overlapping cross seams, without skipped stitch, loose bottom thread,shorten stitch length and bobbin thread Knots; Up to 14 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams
  • The 7204 is interchangeable with Durkopp Adler 204-370, so it is easy to operate and maintain for the manufacturers have Adler 204 class.
  • complete with servo power stand


Max. Speed:  800 rpm
Presser lift:  20mm
Stitch length:  12mm
Needle System:  DYx3 #26
Working area:  320*185mm
Cowboy 7204

Cowboy 7204
Heavy duty triple feed lockstitch sewing machine for extremely heavy materials and thick thread

Price: $3,695.00

(You can always remove it later.)