Cowboy 7335


  • Proven, high performance, technology for universal upholstery sewing operations; a heavy duty triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle bar feed and alternating walking foot top feed
  • which combine together to produce high quality displacement-free seams
  • The versatile narrow cylinder free-arm design guarantees improved material handling on three-dimensional items like: bags, gloves, shoes, straps, filters and other such items which cannot be sewn on a standard flat bed machine
  • Attachment and extras for many further operations comprise, e.g.: welting operations, zipper operations, binding operations, detailed sewing work with speed reducer.
  • General sewing work on voluminous workpieces with device for binding the edges; Supplied with Powerful and Quiet sewing machine Servo Motor for accurate speed control; All parts are interchangeable with Pfaff 335.


Max. Speed:  2400 rpm
Presser lift:  14mm
Stitch length:  6mm
Dia. Of Cylinder:  47mm
Needle system:  DPx17 #100
Working area:  265*115mm
Cowboy 7335

Cowboy 7335
Cylinder-bed unison feed leather sewing machine

Price: $2,995.00

(You can always remove it later.)