Cowboy CB 243


Max. Sewing Speed::  800 rpm
Hook Type::  HAD-204 Barrel Shuttle Hook
Presser Foot Lift::  23mm
Needle bar stroke::  56 mm
Needle System::  794 (DYx3) needle,-#230
Max. Thread size:  #7, V415, 1300dX3, T-400
Stitch Length::  0-11mm
Bobbin size::  Outside Dia. 24mm, Height 30.5mm
Take up stroke::  96 mm
Tariff code (HS code)::  8452290000
Working space::  420mm (length) x190mm( High)
Recommended motor::  Minimum 0.75 kW
Packing size::  790x450x570 MM
Weight::  70KGS
::  * stand fully assembled
Cowboy CB 243

Cowboy CB 243
Extra heavy Walking foot Flat bed machine

Price: $3,695.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Cb-243 Extra heavy duty compound feed and walking foot sewing machine with large shuttle hook for heavy weight
materials (webbing slings, safety harness, leather goods)

Large Barrel shuttle hook

Built-in bobbin winder

Your advantages:

  1. This model is the giant in the HighTex range of compound feed walking foot heavy duty industrial sewing machines (bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot feed);

  2. Its powerful and steady feeding action enables you to sew multiple ply of heavy weight material with a true and even stitch;

  3. The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 23mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used;

  4. A stitch length of up-to 15mm is possible (which in sewing machine terms, is big) and the machine has a reverse stitch lever as standard;

  5. The special extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to metric size 7* (=V415, T-400, 1300dx3);

  6. This is the first generation of HighTex (CowBoy) heavy duty industrial sewing machine with over 15 years of production experience and has been sold into over 30 countries, included United States and Europe.



For thick thread decorative topstitching on leather sofas and arm chairs, automotive upholstery, car seat covers etc.For safety and durability of the seams on lifting slings, rigging slings, safety harnesses, fall protection equipment, climbing gear, parachutes, backpacks straps, saddle materials, sails, carpets, thick canvas & leather, bags, rugs, safety belts, straps, buffing wheels, bulky quilting & beds etc.